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Many of us think that self-esteem and ego are the same, however, both of them are quite different. If you want to find out the difference between ego and self-esteem, don’t forget to read the first part of this series where we have answered this question properly. Moreover, you can also go to MindLifeWeekly’s YouTube channel and watch the first video of this series where the difference between ego and self-esteem is explained. In the second part, we are going to explain how you can use the criticism of others to your advantage. It might be shocking for some people that criticism can actually be helpful for us. 

Many of us are guilty of buying into the common misconception that self-esteem and ego are essentially the same concepts. But, in reality, both the concepts are quite different with different approaches. When you have high self-esteem, it means you have the confidence in your abilities and the attitude of ‘I can do it’. Your self-esteem has nothing to do with what others think of you, it is simply the belief you have in yourself. But your ego operates on the basis of self-interest. Your ego demands validation, appraisal, and approval from others at any cost. It wants you to believe that you are better than others. Your ego wants you to be called ‘right’ by everyone. Here is the first part of Ego VS Self-Esteem Video by Marco that will explain things really well.

Have you been ignoring your mental health needs? Have you been avoiding getting help thinking that everything is going to be better on its own? Well, you have taken yourself for granted then, and it is time to change that. You mentally deserve to be taken care of and you deserve to have a healthy and successful life. If you have been wondering about how will you get the help and if you are suitable for the hypnosis or not, Marco is here to clear all the queries. Book your free call today and have all the answers right away. Just one call and it will be a big step towards a better future.

Giving up smoking is a real challenge but important too. Smoking is very dangerous to your health as I can lead to serious issues like cancer, depression, and even death. If you want to quit smoking, you must know how hazardous it can be. Almost 1.1 billion people around the world indulge in this habit of smoking, according to the World Health Organization. Unfortunately, many of these smokers develop to develop tobacco-related diseases.

You might have several issues going on in your life, and you don’t know where to look for the solutions. Well, it can happen to the best of us. But a little research and insight can get you at the right seat with the suitable therapy. Marco has been offering hypnotic therapy for years now and he has helped a lot of people to get through a lot of issues. But for this type of therapy to work, it is necessary to find out if you are a suitable client for the hypnosis sessions or not.

Life teaches us many things with ups and downs. In this scenario, we often become stressed out due to the events that might be out of our control. We feel stressed out when we are unable to cope with a certain situation or event. It can become chronic if we don’t learn to manage and overcome stress in the meantime.

With the rise of COVID-19, everyone is confused and bewildered. Especially while we all locked up in our houses, this pandemic is starting to affect us mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. Social distancing is making things more challenging. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes in our lifestyle, our routines are altered, and we have no idea what the future is bringing to us. This is where online hypnosis can be useful.

Quitting smoking is not easy, as anyone who is living in New York and has tried, will know only too well. To stop smoking takes determination and willpower but even this can sometimes not be enough. Professional hypnosis in NYC offers a realistic alternative to all the patches and gums, which are readily available because smoking is a habit that is partially driven by psychology. To effectively quit smoking for good takes much more than gum and patches and that’s where hypnosis and a competent hypnotist, New York style, can seriously help.

Smokers in Washington who want to stop smoking should consider hypnosis as a way to get off their cigarette habit. A Washington stop smoking hypnotherapy service is now within reach of every smoker and offers a real and effective alternative to patches, gum, pills and nasal sprays. Many of the nicotine replacement therapy products on the market today have proved quite ineffective to stop smoking. In Washington, hypnosis has a 90% higher success rate compared to other alternative methods and so is proving to be a much more popular choice for those who are serious about quitting smoking in Washington State and all its towns and cities, including Seattle and even Mercer Island.

Like any US state, Arizona has its fair share of smokers who are really desperate to quit. Stop smoking hypnosis treatment in Arizona is exactly the same therapy as it is anywhere else, which is why it is proving to be just as effective. With around 15% of the population still succumbing to the smoking habit, it’s no wonder why so many people are turning to hypnosis in Arizona to help stop smoking.

Looking for a simple way to stop smoking in Virginia? Hypnosis is fast becoming a more acceptable method of quitting smoking for residents of Virginia including such towns and cities as Richmond, Norfolk, Arlington and Winchester. Virginia has a population of almost 8.5 million and around 14% are adult smokers. That equates to 1.19 million people, many of which could die prematurely because of their smoking habit.

Many people who are desperate to stop smoking in Florida, will quite possibly be looking for some form of help, whether that’s with nicotine replacement therapy, participating in support groups or an alternative therapy like acupuncture. However, hypnosis to help stop smoking in Florida is high on the list for many people because it has such an impressive success rate.