How Can You Overcome Stress Right Now?

How Can You Overcome Stress Right Now?

Life teaches us many things with ups and downs. In this scenario, we often become stressed out due to the events that might be out of our control. We feel stressed out when we are unable to cope with a certain situation or event. It can become chronic if we don’t learn to manage and overcome stress in the meantime.

These stressful situations can arise from work, home, relationships, financial pressures, school performance pressure, and so on. Anything perceived as a danger or challenge can become the source of stress for the person.

What happens when you are stressed out?

When a person faces a perceived danger or threat, the face a partial physical reaction. Their brain indulges them in the flight-or-fight situation where they are given the option to either stay and handle the situation or they can get to safety as fast as possible.

The body produces a large quantity of cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. These hormones trigger the following reactions:

  • Sweating
  • Alertness
  • Heightened muscle preparedness
  • Increased blood pressure

These factors can either improve the individual’s response to the sudden challenge and dangers, or they can make them run away and seek protection. Again, it all depends on how we perceive the things around us.

Types of Stress

The National Institute of Mental Health has identified the following types of stress:

  • Routine stress – such as financial responsibilities, childcare, homework, chores, and academics.
  • Sudden and disruptive stress – such as the finding of the loss of jo or family bereavement, etc.
  • Traumatic Stress – an accident, death of a loved one, environmental disaster, war, etc.

Each stress can trigger the body and mind on different levels. However, if an individual learns to manage the stress at the very acute level, he/she can be able to cope with the bigger situations as well.

How Can You Overcome Stress?

To learn about overcoming stress, watch this video, and listen to what Marco has for you in stressful situations. In this video, Marco talks about how we can replace the negative stress with the positive one. The stress we feel is in our control, the way we perceive things, and the way we respond.

Each person can deal with the stress no matter how threatening the situation is. Our mind is our powerhouse and we must control it to control our reactions. If not dealt at the right time, the acute stress can take the form of chronic stress in no time and there will be no way back.

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Of course, stress can often lead someone to smoking… More on this service can be found HERE

For Marco’s strategy in overcoming stress video, simply click on the image below which will take you directly to his other YouTube channel called MindLifeWeekly.

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