Self-Esteem Guide: Ego VS Self-Esteem

Self-Esteem Guide: Ego VS Self-Esteem

Many of us are guilty of buying into the common misconception that self-esteem and ego are essentially the same concepts. But, in reality, both the concepts are quite different with different approaches.

When you have high self-esteem, it means you have the confidence in your abilities and the attitude of ‘I can do it’. Your self-esteem has nothing to do with what others think of you, it is simply the belief you have in yourself. But your ego operates on the basis of self-interest. Your ego demands validation, appraisal, and approval from others at any cost. It wants you to believe that you are better than others. Your ego wants you to be called ‘right’ by everyone. Here is the first part of Ego VS Self-Esteem Video by Marco that will explain things really well.

The Fragile Ego VS The Authentic Self

The ego makes you vulnerable and frustrated whenever you encounter criticism. It is an insatiable search for validation and sometimes it gets out of control. Your ego doesn’t like to be called wrong. When you are operating on your ego, it doesn’t let you accept your mistakes. In fact, you become offensive and rude whenever someone encounters you with a different opinion than yours. It makes it very difficult for you to apologize and even makes you leave the people who tend to express their opinion, thus leaving you being surrounded by the people who admire you.

Whereas, healthy self-esteem lets you accept your flaws, learn from others, and grow. It makes you deal with other people with care and respect, even when they are saying that you are wrong. It doesn’t regard anything as competition or contest. Unlike ego, self-esteem operates on becoming better by learning from others.

The Mask Of Ego

The ego is like our false-self or masked-self where we tend to cover up our insecurities. The ego makes us reject other’s opinions thus behaving like we are the superiors. To feel superior, our ego makes us insult others and their opinions. Your ego will never make you able to learn and experience the unknown. Whereas self-esteem is based on the idea of being able to express your true self rather than the masked self. It lets you come out to be what you are, what faults you have, and how much you want to learn.

The Truth About you

In this chaos of what is right and wrong, how much criticism you can handle, your insecurities and thoughts, have you ever wondered who you really are?

Well, you know the answer by yourself. You are not that person that your ego has made you. Your self-esteem makes you come forward with your real self rather than wearing the mask of ego to hide your insecurities. Exploring your real self is not difficult as it is within you, you just have to drop the shell and come forward.

So, embrace your self-esteem and let go of the toxic ego as it is destroying you and hiding your true self. Want to take a step today? Have Marco help you with his marvelous sessions that will change your life. Call Marco on (646) 554-3409 today or contact him HERE and have the right way of life.

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