How Hypnosis Can Change Your Reality

How Hypnosis Can Change Your Reality

One of the most frequently asked questions, regarding hypnosis is “So what is hypnosis?” While the process is fairly easy to understand, practical implications of the process can be a little difficult for some and daunting for others to grasp.  Simply put, hypnosis is a process, utilized by a certified hypnotist that enables them to connect with a patient’s unconscious mind without any form of involvement or more appropriately, interference by the conscious intellect. So your thoughts, thought patterns and processes are temporary “offline” as the hypnotist guides you into a state of trance.

“What good would that do?” you might wonder and the answer is as follows: hypnosis can be used to “switch” your mind to be making decisions that are better for you. By way of example, many people use hypnosis for quitting smoking, healthy weight loss or overcoming bouts of trauma by changing your relationship to the memories. Because in many instances revealing the possible causes and reasons for your problem is not enough. It’s uncovering the hidden resources the person has that is utilized to influence emotions and behaviors in a positive direction.

This is done by bypassing the realm of logic and critical analysis. Digging deep into your unconscious mind to uncover the inner workings of what thoughts and beliefs are constructed to maintain the problem.

See, our thoughts give us a sense of perceived reality. We loop thoughts all day long — day in day out, but the dominant ones are those that carry meaning. If it carries enough meaning, then it will change our emotions on a biochemical level. The greater the change, the more likely a person will behave a certain way. This is because on some level emotions drive behaviors. These behaviors are adopted in a way to release negative emotions which may work, at least initially. However, the person would need to repeat the behavior in order to get the result they want.

If the behavior is positive, they’ll feel good and problem is resolved. But if it’s a negative behavior, then a person would have to seek out another behavior in order to release the emotion that drives it.

But what if the answer lies in the emotion?

What if the negative emotion that’s driving the behavior just needs to be release in a heathy manner?

This is where hypnosis comes in because the emotions are the domain of the unconscious. And any certified hypnotherapist or hypnotist will tell you they can help by connecting to that and deal with the root of the problem.

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