Hypnotist NYC Fees Explained

Hypnotist NYC Fees Explained

Here are my fees explained (excluding my quit smoking programs, as those are separate).

Hypnotist NYC Fees Explained:

The average fee for one session of hypnosis in New York City ranges between $250 and $450.

In fact, I know of one New York hypnotist charging $600 for a single session — I’m not lying!

That’s not including taxes and other hidden fees.

What I charge is around half of that.

Based on my program results, I do believe that these rates are fair and reasonable.

I work from home and therefore have lower overheads, which means there are greater savings in your pocket!

Also, with the added convenience of not traveling, you’re saving time, money and energy!

Not to mention the nerves of going somewhere new…

What I currently charge is $300 per session.

However, it doesn’t end there.

I will provide a very special discount on any of my tele-session hypnosis programs if you book in during your free consultation.


I’m also providing this discount simply because I sincerely want to help you.

Allow me to explain my program pricing:

3-session program (Usually $900)

Take 20% Off!

(That’s $180 savings in your pocket)

Now it’s just $720!

4-session program (Usually $1200)

Take 20% Off! 

(That’s $240 savings in your pocket)

Now it’s just $960!

5-session program (Usually $1500)

Take 20% Off!

(Thats $300 savings in your pocket)

Now it’s just $1200!

All of my programs are secured with a $150 deposit upfront (via credit card or PayPal). Which is just 50% of the first session.

Keep in mind:

There’s no hidden taxes or traveling anywhere!

Each 3-5 session programs include:

Between 3-5 hypnotic meditative mp3s which you will listen to between sessions for your unconscious mind to accept and reinforce suggestions. 

You will also have access to the session notes, which will be prepared for your conscious mind to understand the learnings and principles.

Each hypnosis session will be in a tele-session format for your convenience. Just make sure you have total privacy and you will not be disturbed for 60 minutes. 

As long as you are sitting in a comfortable chair, couch or sofa and your phone is able to accept my calls — you WILL be hypnotized successfully.

Just ensure you are free from distractions in whatever environment you’re in. It’s recommended to wear earphones or headphones to create a more immersive experience.

Hypnotic phone sessions work just as well as face-to-face sessions.

I know this from conducting 1000s of hypnosis tele-sessions and the 100s of glowing positive reviews received!

As mentioned above, this service is convenient because you’re not traveling to get somewhere.

So what are you waiting for?

Simply call (646) 554-3409 to book in your free consultation now!

Alternatively, you can book your free strategy call while these are still available.

Just use the following link:


Then choose whatever type of consultation you feel is suitable. 

For 1000s of people that have used my services throughout the years, the results are profoundly transformative. Let’s find out how this can profoundly transform you. 

Very much looking forward to speaking with you! 

To freedom & happiness,

Marco – Hypnotist NYC