Is It About Time The High School Students Of NYC Quit Smoking The Hypnosis Way?

Is It About Time The High School Students Of NYC Quit Smoking The Hypnosis Way?

It may be high time that NYC quit smoking in a way that is durable. No doubt, CDC (Centers for Disease Control), makes its best efforts to get the users of tobacco and related products (cigarettes included) and no doubt that the number of high school smokers across the United States of America has plummeted drastically. As a matter of fact, the recent facts say that only 15.7% of American high school smokers now smoke.  And that is the lowest in the past 22 years. However, New York and the entire republic still need a durable way to quit this sinister addiction. And, that solution lies in hypnosis.

Why Hypnosis?

The very reason why one may get the teenagers of NYC to quit smoking through hypnosis is that it does not involve coercion. Rather, it moves you through in a relaxed manner to convince your psyche that you can give up smoking.

It uses relaxation and powerful concentration that are guided by the hypnotist in order to focus the attention of the addicted person to an elevated state of awareness. Some people do tend to commit the mistake of calling it a deep sleep. However, it is just a state of relaxation that lets your mind concentrate with concerted efforts of your faculties. This is when the hypnotist makes suggestions of de-addiction.

There is nothing artificial about it, and no medications are involved either. Anything that happens as result is, by the sheer force of suggestion that has been ingrained in your mind by a professional hypnotist.

Here is How It Actually can Help NYC Quit Smoking

Hypnosis is not only used for treating but also for analyzing. So, not only can it be used to make suggestive changes, but can also be instrumental in making analyses about why a person became addicted and why is she/he unable to quit.

Thus, there can be two can be two kinds of sessions:

1.   Suggestion Session:

Because herein a person becomes more responsive to suggestion, the hypnotic state is ideal for telling a person why one should not smoke. Telling a high school smoker to quit, while he/she is in full senses may be like casting pearls before swine. So, doing it this way can not only help teenagers in NYC quit smoking, but can also bring about great changes in behavior, perceptions as well as sensations. And, it may be so effective that certain surgeons like to use hypnosis to control surgical pain.

2.   Analysis Session:

This is more of testing in nature. For people who prefer both hypnosis and behavioral therapy, the former can do much of the groundwork. What a subject may not reveal from the layers of the ego and the superego, may be revealed by the id through hypnosis. So, instead of removing the addiction or the problem, we can remove the root cause in the psyche, thus leading to problem solving. This is why it can even be used for analysis in treatment of depression.

Because of these remarkable traits, it can work very well as a treatment for high school smokers as well as adult smokers. So, is it high time now that NYC quit smoking? To find out more about this option for smoking cessation, weight loss, depression treatment and more, contact me, Marco Auciello to get all the valid solutions to such problems.