Here is How NYC Stop Smoking Efforts Work

Here is How NYC Stop Smoking Efforts Work

It is a fact that NYC Stop Smoking efforts by smokers are working. The decline in the number of smokers in the USA has been so much so that the year 2014 recorded the number of adult smokers at 16.8% of the entire population. The last noted percentage, i.e. in 2015 has come down to 15%. Evidently, the number of adult smokers in the United States of America has been on a continuous decline since the year 1965. So, we see that people are trying and they are succeeding too.

So, what is helping NYC to stop smoking?

It is not surprising that it’s not just one thing that is making this possible. Though we must agree that beneath all these efforts lies the will to quit. So, when we talk of people who have quit, we know one thing for sure: They all want to quit. However, the ways to implement this willingness may be different.

So here are a few most preferred methods that people adopt for calling it quits with their best friends called cigarettes.

Going Cold Turkey

Yes, this is where 90% of prospective quitters start. But this is not how the smoking percentage came down to 15% in the US. This method involves no outside help. All that one does here is just try ceasing smoking on one’s own – no counseling, no medication, no therapy whatsoever. No wonder why only around 4% to 7% succeed this way.

Seeking Counseling / Behavioral Therapy

Counseling is a big support for people who may lack in the will power for smoking cessation. It indeed is a much valued service for people of NYC to stop smoking. It includes counseling as well as behavioral therapy that aids one get through emotional and stressful situations that may push you to get back to smoking. This, coupled with more sorts of assistance can help one quit successfully.


Hypnosis is another aid that has helped a lot many. Be it a stand-alone therapy or one that is supported by behavioral therapy, it is helping quit effectively. However, there are numerous people who still do not know if hypnosis works. Well, like mentioned before, the bare raw essential for any support to produce positive results is the willingness. People in NYC and world over have been obtaining benefit from it, and so it continues to be a preferred method. But yes, beware of those practitioners who make a show of it like in the Hollywood flicks. It is a slow but steady procedure that leads you to quitting logically. The best of hypnotists are also likely to teach you self-hypnosis that keeps you from falling victim to relapses.

Nicotine Replacement

You do see these nicotine gums and patches at supermarkets and medical stores that do claim to help you quit smoking. And, do they work? Well, they do, if you are trying to wean yourself. The biggest hazard is that if you are not taking any other help like counseling, hypnosis or medication, you may end up being dependent on these for good because these are not alternatives to any serious help. All they do is provide nicotine to your body, so the aim is only weaning. Vaping devices are also included in this category.

If you are too looking forward, like so many others in NYC to stop smoking, you can contact me, Marco Auciello, to explore your inner strength and use hypnosis the right way to quit smoking.