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According to recent findings, smoking is far more dangerous than cocaine, alcohol, STDs and AIDS. There are more than 800,000 smokers in the city of New York, US. Up to 24,000 people die on a yearly basis and more than 3,000 people die prematurely, due to second-hand smoking! This is inclusive of all chain, habitual and social smokers.

If you want to help them quit smoking, hypnosis comes up as the most preferred method to help you succeed.

Because the good news is hypnosis for quitting smoking has a proven track record with long-lasting effective therapy!

However, initial stages of quitting using willpower can be frustrating. People often become moody or cranky, and react in a manner that is disturbing to those around them. This is understandable.


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After all, those who aspire to quit have friends who smoke too. And you can’t exactly stop seeing your friends just because you decided to go to hypnosis for quitting smoking. That doesn’t make any sense.


Built in associations, triggers and reasons bind smoker to the habit like threads of twisted and braided strands to form a tough rope. 

A rope that knots itself around your neck and “ties” you to your addiction.

One or two associations can make the habit weak and easy to manage. Any more and it’s like pulling that rope on a tug of wall, eventually  you’ll TIRE OUT and GIVE IN. This happens to so many people who decide to quit smoking and to take matters into their own hands.

If you are a smoker and reading this, then most likely this alarm bell rings true to you. This is because quitting smoking is like a battle between you and the habit itself. Every time you want to quit, you are pulled back by triggers, associations and reasons that make you consider your decision to embrace hypnosis to stop smoking.

Here are some of the associated themes where you would have developed the habit:

Smoking at social events

  •        Smoking to cope with stressful situation
  •        Smoking when you’re bored or frustrated
  •        Smoking after eating your meals
  •        Smoking while drinking coffee or alcohol
  •        Smoking during your lunch — and work breaks
  •        Smoking to mentally “switch of”
  •        Smoking whilst on the phone or driving
  •        Smoking to reward yourself after an achievement
  •        As a signal to have a private chat with someone

And many more these themes are associated with a smoker.

If you have come to that point where you want to give your smoking habit the boot it is likely that you are:

  •       Disappointed with your inability to quit smoking on your own
  •       Worried about the amount of toxins are in your body from such a lethal product
  •       Frustrated that you’re paying for that could potentially kill you
  •       Ready to live a better quality and healthier life   
  •       Looking forward to being around for your children and grandchildren

If you want to

  •       Feel empowered with your ability to quit smoking on your own
  •       Save and spend money on something more long-lasting, natural and safe
  •       Stop relying on cigarettes to help you cope and deal with various situations
  •       Enjoy how your food tastes and how your clothes smell
  •       Get rid of the tar and nicotine in your system
  •       Improve your stamina and energy levels
  •       Sleep better
  •       Get rid of your emotional and psychological dependence on cigarettes
  •       Quit smoking forever

Then using hypnosis to quit smoking just might be the very thing that you need!

So How Can You Quit Smoking With Hypnosis?

Many people conflate hypnosis with sleep and assume that a hypnotist will put them to sleep, breach their trust and privacy and misuse information that is revealed to them. Of course, these notions are caused by the way media portrays hypnosis It also doesn’t help in dispelling this myth when the stage hypnotist says “sleep” to a willing participant!

Essentially, hypnosis is a process whereby hypnotists communicate directly with the unconscious mind. Which in turn will help facilitate you to do something that you were already capable of doing.

Thus you, as the client, will be able to understand the

  •       Reasons
  •       Triggers and
  •       Associations

In doing so, you will be able to understand yourself and the cause of your addiction, then remove those causes, or at the very least, change your relationship to them.

The great thing about hypnosis for quitting smoking is that it's proven to be really beneficial, as it enables you to calm your mind, relax your body and focus on your desire to quit smoking without distractions such as cravings. By harnessing this desire whilst connecting with your unconscious, it fundamentally changes your attitude toward cigarette smoking…FOREVER.

Hypnotists merely communicates with you (whilst being in state of trance), to place your conscious and sub-conscious mind back in alignment, so that it’s much easier for you to let go of a bad habit. In this case smoking.


Well, Hypnotist NYC is for those who need to

  •       Gain control over their mind
  •       Understand themselves better
  •       Make fundamental changes to their habits and life
  •       Break the thought pattern that caused you to take smoking up as a habit in the first place
  •       Change their life for the better and forever
By choosing Hypnosis NYC, it will help you break your smoking habit with the help
  •       Of positive reinforcement to help you build resistance towards smoking and nicotine cravings
  •       Of negative associations that tend to take root in the subconscious mind and cause you to feel like you are dependent on cigarettes and thus must smoke to gain control.
  •       Of interacting with your emotions where they can be expressed in a healthy way thus releasing the burning fuel that supports a habit.

You see, a smoker who decides: “I don’t want to and will not smoke from now onwards’ is only setting himself/herself up for failure.


Because at its most fundamental level, the sub-conscious mind does not process negations.

Meaning, you cannot AVOID thinking about something. In order to eliminate a “don’t want to smoke" thought, you must THINK of the thought initially, then work out a way to get rid of it (by distracting yourself, for example).

Of course, associations that developed through repetition and hotspots have been triggered of and your mind responds to those firing, NOT your willpower.

The more you tell yourself you ‘won’t’ or ‘don’t’ intend to smoke, the more your subconscious mind will crave for another drag of a cigarette. Distractions will work to a point, but eventually you’ll have nothing to distract yourself with. And that is the point at which you will lose the battle and just GIVE IN.

What hypnosis does, is that it teaches your sub-conscious mind you don’t need external distractions to gain control, because there’s nothing to distract yourself with! It teaches you that what you need to do, instead, is to build on your will power in order to break the habit.

Since the associations are changed, your relationship to cigarettes will also change and you will feel differently about smoking.


Another problem is when there is a conflict between what the conscious mind wants (to quit smoking) and what the subconscious mind wants (to keep on smoking), then the sub-conscious mind will always win. The subconscious mind’s pull is much stronger than that of the conscious mind.


This is why willpower tends to FAIL.

And the more likely you “try” to succeed, the more likely it is you’ll fail.

So it’s important that the two minds are in rapport with each other, otherwise the conflict will feel like an internal struggle.

If you're in the Big Apple and have read this far...and you also set your desire on utilizing hypnosis to stop smoking to finally release the rope that binds you...then hypnosis NYC is the tool that will cut all associated ties.

Click HERE to schedule your appointment NOW!


With hypnosis you will learn

  •       Why you started smoking in the first place
  •       How smoking became an addiction for you at the time
  •       Symbolic associations that made you feel smoking was empowering
  •       About the factors that impact your mindset
  •       Of various methods to help gain control over your mind
  •       How to solve problems without relying on cigarettes
  •       To rewrite your mind and reprogram it to be a non-smoker
  •       The solution that lies inside the root of the habit itself    
  •       I will help you understand the “push and pull” concept that every smoker faces

My Story And What I Will Do For You

For a smoker who wonders: "Where can I find a hypnotist near me?", can count on me to help you quit smoking with hypnosis.

So what is my story?

Well, my name is Marco Auciello and I’m a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, who was addicted to smoking, much like any other smoker out there. I am aware of the struggles that you must be going through, when ditching your smoking habit. The process can be frustrating and difficult, in the beginning, but let me tell you that it definitely is possible to quit smoking altogether.

With hypnosis,  I will help you

  •       Quit smoking without making it feel like torture
  •       Tap into your potential so that you can break your smoking habit
  •       Change the way you perceive and feel about smoking
  •       Understand and resolve smoking triggers
  •       Stop smoking once and for all!

As a hypnotist, I’ve seen most people return to their smoking habits because they fail to understand the symbolic associations that caused them to jump on to the smoker’s bandwagon. Consequentially, their subconscious mind makes them feel the need, cravings and necessity to smoke again. Thus the rope pulls you back and you give into the voice that makes you feel there’s nothing wrong with having just another cigarette. In doing so, you practically set yourself for failure.

Here are few symbolic associations that affect most smokers:

  •       Feeling older & mature
  •       Feeling accepted
  •       Being different
  •       Being cool or fitting in with the cool crowd
  •       Being rebellious
  •       For independence
  •       Being adventurous
  •       Sense of curiosity

Use hypnosis to stop smoking and you'll be able to:

  •        Identify your underlying reasons for smoking
  •        Resolve your smoking triggers and compulsions
  •        Access and reprogram your subconscious mind
  •        Immediately stop your cravings
  •        Transform yourself into a smoke-free person

From within this will benefit you in the following ways:

  •       Your smoking addiction will drop away
  •       Your smoking withdrawal symptoms will dissolve
  •       Your smoking habits will be eliminated

Want to quit your smoking habit? Click HERE to reserve a ‘quit smoking’ program for yourself.

What My Previous Quit Smoking Hypnosis Clients Are Saying on Google…

Interestingly, most of my ex-smokers clients were skeptical about hypnosis initially. However, they took a leap of faith because they were dedicated to getting rid of their smoking habit and found that my quit smoking hypnosis program provided the right formula to not only break their smoking desires once and for all but also enjoying their smoke-free freedom.

Here are some of the 5-Star Google Reviews I have received in Australia:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

I have helped all sorts of smokers with their smoking addictions. Here are a few types of smokers who I’ve helped in the past:

  •       Chain smokers
  •       Social smokers
  •       Stress smokers

The Story of Dennis

Let’s have a look at one of my clients, Dennis. He used to be a pack-a-day smoker for over 56 years. After many attempts on his own, over-the-counter and prescription aids, he NEVER EXPECTED hypnosis to work since all other methods failed.

Shortly after he left my office, I called him up to check on his transition.

Here’s what Dennis said to me:

“I feel fine. It seems to have left my mind. Already I am starting to feel better myself. More relaxed as I got a lot out of it. I am doing very well. Somebody else had recommended it to me. The same thing that happened to her has happened to me. I recommend this to anybody.”

This is a man in his seventies who decided it was worth another shot. As a result, he now feel far healthier than he’s ever been. If Dennis can do it, after decades of cigarette conditioning…then you can too.

Here is another one from Martin (40 cigarettes per-day smoker:


From 16 years of age to 80 years of age to to 2 pack-per-day smokers…

I have helped 100s of smokers to quit from all stages in their smoking life cycle!

Many more clients with their post program testimonials can be found HERE

My quit smoking hypnosis program has been used to successfully stop smoking for years because:

  •       It’s been tested
  •       It works
  •       I’ve had experience in helping clients overcome their smoking habits by refining the process to near perfection.

The Quit Smoking Hypnosis
"Post Program" Support

Post program support is just as important as the program itself and that is why I provide such support to all my clients, too. If you need my help, I’m here for you.

Feel free to call, text or email me and I will help you deal with your relapse, free of cost!

I believe in always being there for my clients. That is why, I start my Post Program Support by sending clients a personalized text message, approximately 24 hours after you have completed your quit smoking program.

Here is a example of Roy after smoking 20-25 cigarettes a day for 35 years:

You can click HERE to see what other ex-smokers have to say!

I stand by my NYC quit smoking hypnosis program that has enabled me to provide a 12-Months Support Guarantee for all my quit smoking clients. Alternatively, I can also provide "post program" support via my 90 Day Back-Up Support quit smoking program.

Take this important step: Reserve your NYC quit smoking program NOW!

Let Go of Those Excuses!

Many people convince themselves that they need to smoke and they feed themselves stop-smoking excuses. Here are the most common excuses of the sort:

Excuses #1- It just won’t work for me.

The desire to smoke will be removed from you and thus your cigarette cravings will become a thing of the past. Your subconscious mind will be reprogrammed and the notion that cigarettes ‘help’ in any way will be eradicated completely.

Excuses #2- I’ll gain weight if I stop smoking.

A lot of my clients actually became more active when they quit smoking. In the process they were also able to regain control over their lives and themselves. Also, they were able to enjoy their food and actually taste what they were eating, they became healthier and lost a lot more weight than smoking enabled them to.

Excuse #3: I can’t give up because the cravings are too strong.

The unconscious mind knows what it means to give something up. So, when you see smoking as a habit that you need to ‘give up’ the subconscious mind will recognize your sentiments. Eventually, it’ll coax you into picking up ‘just one more cigarette” and thus give into your cravings. That why in the past it didn’t work: because it didn’t want to give up something it believed to be helpful for a person.

Here’s the thing: you are not giving up on anything. In fact, you’ll be living a better life instead. Your smoking habit has a very strong psychological component which can easily change with hypnosis.

Besides, I will share my special “Craving Destroyer” technique that will remove the craving or anxiety and get you back on track to being a nonsmoker. All it takes from you is a notification and I will do the rest. Read on to what Ken had to say about his experience on our phone call:


This is YOUR moment.

Get rid of this smoking habit by taking this opportunity and save your body, yourself and your love ones from the consequences of smoking that will enable you live a longer, better quality of life.

Trade in those excuses for a single hypnosis session with my full support and you will feel the difference. This will enable you to live a healthier, more active and a longer rewarding life.

My 12-Months Support Guarantee To You

Take a chance and change your life for the better. Avail this opportunity and book an appointment to take part in my quit smoking hypnosis program, as soon as possible!

Worried you might relapse at some point? Don’t be.

If you find yourself relapsing at any point in the next 12 months, you could book UNLIMITED sessions, FREE of cost to re-engage your non-smoking mind.

Alternatively, you can opt for the “90 Day Back-Up Support” program that will entitle you to have ongoing support (if required) for a FULL 90 DAYS from the date of our initial session together.

Your $51,100 Savings

Also, quitting smoking isn’t just good for your health but you’ll also be able to increase savings. One single pack of cigarettes could costs $14 in NYC. More so than ANY US STATE. You’ll save more than $50,000 over the next 10 years…if you quit smoking today.

Just goes to show: Quitting smoking is not only a wise-health decision, but a smart financial decision too. Based on a pack-a-day habit, that’s at least $5,000 in your pocket each year! Easy. So what could you do to reward yourself with all that extra money??

Take This Limited Time Special Offer

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER. If you mention this page, you’ll receive a SPECIAL DISCOUNTED OFFER. Do so TODAY to enjoy the following benefits of:

  •       Private, One-on-one hypnosis session (approximately 1.5 hours long)
  •       Safe and Natural Solution to your smoking habit
  •       PERSONALIZED text message sent 24 hours later (asking about your progress)
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  •       UNLIMITED 12-Months Support Guarantee sessions
  •      90 day BACK-UP support as a second program option
  •       FREE email, text, phone and Skype support
  •       FREE Lifetime Email Coaching (keeping your mind smoke-free)
  •       BONUS Audio (Mp3) — “Mind Meditation” to release daily stress and reinforcing positive habits

Make the decision now and commit to that decision. Not tomorrow, but RIGHT NOW...because people who don’t act in the moment tend to wait for a long time for a day that never arrives... Seize the moment and take action.

You arrived THIS FAR so you might as well give it a shot!

Enquire On Your Quit Smoking Program Today, or…


(646) 554-3409

Any day. Any time.

Private - Confidential – No obligation – No risk

Yours Sincerely,
Marco Auciello
NYC Consulting Hypnotist

P.S. – You and those around you deserve to be smoke-free. You deserve to be healthy. If you’ve been thinking about quitting, then this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Stop waiting and quit smoking with this efective, and solid solution to help you quit your smoking habit for once and for all.

  •       Limited Availability: The SPECIAL DISCOUNTED OFFER has attracted a large list of clients and my quit smoking NYC hypnosis program is in high-demand. In addition to this, many smokers from referrals, are contacting me wanting to become non-smokers due to their friends and family transition to a smoke-free life. Their ongoing successes is enough proof to justify a booking! So to avoid disappointment due to time constraints, be sure to RESERVE A SPOT NOW.

P.P.S.– Please remember, hypnosis is a safe and all-natural way to help you quit smoking. Unlike nicotine products, e-cigarettes and other products of the sort, there are no health risks. Not only will you add years to your life and enhance the quality of your daily life, but you’ll also save thousands of dollars…every single year. It’s a no-brainer. Schedule your quit smoking NYC program now.

Below is a tiny selection of over a 100 testimonials I have on file for my quit smoking program…

Hi Marco, on 19th of August (2014) a year has passed since I have quite smokes. I wanted to thank you for showing me the path and giving me the tools to do this. I haven’t had one cigarette since then. Thank you again and I hope you are well.” — Peter

“Marco today it’s been 30 days since my last smoke. I can’t believe it!!!
I was so skeptical and didn’t know if it would really work but it has. Day 2-4 I didn’t know if I would stay on track but Marco made my willpower so much stronger to keep it up. 90% of the time I actually can’t stand the smell of smoke now it’s disgusting. From a pack a day (30) smoker for 14years who was so highly addicted, if I can do this I think anyone can. Thank you!” — Sarah

“Hi Marco, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This was a life changing decision and i’m so glad you helped me. I admit, i was slightly skeptical but it totally worked! I cant believe it. Not one craving. Thank you, Thank you,
Thank you Xx” — Alisha

“Hi Marco, its been 3+ Months since the last session and i am happy to say that I have QUIT SMOKING. Thanks to you. Regards” — Varun

“Hi Marco, its been 3+ Months since the last session and i am happy to say that I have QUIT SMOKING. Thanks to you. Regards” — John

“Everything is going fantastic at the moment, I have not had a smoke since coming in for my session. And don’t plan to, everything as in service was great, and so far there are no problems.Hi Marco just touching base with you everything is going great, still smoke free. Regards” — John

“Dear Marco, Seeing you was the best decision I have made for myself in a
long time. My co-workers say I look better and have heaps more energy to get through my day. Having never had Hypnosis before I must admit I was a little nervous. However I soon realised you are very passionate about you work and a true professional. Some of the biggest changes for me have been feeling younger and healthier and not so moody. Not to forget having a lot more money in my wallet at the end of the week. I have experienced no problems after Hypnosis and Thank you again for changing my life in a positive way. Yours Sincerely” — Bernard

“Hi Marco, I wanted to say thank you so much. I haven’t started smoking again much to my surprise. I didn’t really expect the hypnosis to work so I am thrilled and have recommended you to everyone I know who smokes. A friend told me that the habit is as hard to break as the addiction and just thinking about that has helped as well. The session was great and I am feeling so much better health wise. I feel cleaner and healthier – thanks to you.Thanks for the gift and thanks for your help. I wish that I had found you years ago..” — Terry

“Hi Mary here all going good have not smoked. Thank you Marco!!!
Wonderful experience! I feel free and happy and will enjoy every second of it!!! Thank you so much Marco! Hi I’m very good i have not smoked thanks to you thank you so much . My life is so much better i feel so good thank you again. Marco you’re the best.” — Mary

“Hi mate Going well so far. Training really hard and getting fit. Feeling pretty amazing at the moment. Lost my cough etc. So in short… I’m a non smoker and loving it. Work is the surprise and no problem at all. The smell of people who’ve just smoked is motivation enough to stay off them. Lol. Forgotten how disgusting it is. Thanks a ton.” — Owen

“Interesting I’ve noticed that I don’t go outside and sit in the bungalow like I used to. My habit in that respect has changed. I do not have the urge or craving to smoke like I did. My alcoholic consumption has decreased. I used
to enjoy a drink on the weekends. Now, I don’t seem to drink as much. Please Marco, don’t get me wrong, not that I had an drinking issue, but I would only have perhaps 4 glasses (if that) throughout the entire Saturday or Sunday. It appears that I may have weaned off that as well – no harm!” — Annie

“I still find it quite strange- but i feel much better and more capable of exercise. My sense of taste and smell has improved. I feel much better without the shame and feeling so silly about paying for something that made
me feel awful.” — Lee

“Hi Marco, it feels good to be a non-smoker and I can spend quality time with my family, especially my son. Session was great. I can now say “NO” to smoking thanks.” — Naish

”I saw you nearly 4 weeks ago just wanted to say you thank you. I have not had a smoke since seeing you thanks again.” — Daryl

“Hi Marco, I have just had opportunity to drop you a line in response to your below email. I am extremely happy with results. I have not had a craving at all. I have been in several social environments where there have been
smokers and have not been tempted. I can’t tolerate the smell. Life as a non smoker is great, in fact I was so impressed that I referred Liam to you who is attending on Friday. I have had several enquiries from others in relation to weight loss and have passed your number on. Thank you Marco for assisting me in giving up this terrible habit.” — Sharon

“Did you send me an email? I haven’t received it as yet. Feeling great & haven’t had any urges so far!” — William

“My husband did a session with you for smoking and has had incredible success with it.” — Fiona

“Good morning Marco, First thank you for your work! So far so good, I haven’t touched a cigarette. I have been following your instructions with the tape once a day, it’s actually really realistic… Anyway thank you.” — Julien

“I haven’t had a smoke since. I have been coughing up less phlegm and already seeing an improvement financially.” — Yalcin

“I feel alright i don’t have cravings or anything. I’ve been playing more with my niece and nephew and my fiancé is supportive. I would recommend this and I have already.” — Mem

“Weird but wonderful experience. Very helpful indeed….I don’t feel like smoking at all anymore. Thanks Marco. I should say it was a very helpful session we had earlier. I will definitely listen to the mp3 everyday as per your
advice.” — Arvin

“Marco is absolutely fantastic!! Would highly recommend him for anyone wanting to quit smoking. I wish I had’ve done this years ago!” — Michele

“Marco it has been more than 24 hours now, and I haven’t had a cigarette or bad mood swings. I still cannot believe it or explain how I’m feeling.” — Noelle

“Hi Marco, just letting you know that I am away with friends and was having a few drinks last night and people were smoking – and I was not tempted to smoke once! It’s great being a non-smoker. Thank you!” — Melissa

“Hello Marco, just wanted to thank you for your time today and wanted to let you know that I’ve had my dinner and really not feeling the urge at all. All I want to do is have a relaxing sleep and wake up and start my new life as a non smoker and work towards my goal. Thank you again and I’ll keep in touch about potentially providing a services to my clients. Have a nice night :)” — Ozlem

“Hi Marco, sorry for the delay in response. Yes, I’m still a non smoker. So for that I’d like to thank you.” — Daniela

“Hey Marco, I came to you in January to quit smoking and you have changed my life, I still haven’t started smoking which is something I thought I would never give up.” — Michael

“I would have done this YEARS AGO if I knew it was THIS EASY…” — Tony

“Hi Marco, just wanted to let you know I haven’t picked up a cigarette since I came to see you in December so getting to know you has certainly been life changing and I am so thankful.” — Lisa

“Hey Marco, 1month and going strong thanks mate” — Bernie

“Hi Marco, thank you again your audio files have been a great help. Are you able to send the wealth creation audio file too I’m very keen to listen to it as well.. BTW I still am a non smoker!” — Robin

“Morning Marco, I still haven’t had a ciggy!” — Peter

“Hey mate how are you? What are you charging for a 2 hour session? Still haven’t had a smoke”?— Jimmi