Although it has been several years since I’ve been working as a certified clinical hypnotist in Australia, I continue to learn more about my expanding field. From my mentors Dr. Milton Erickson and Igor Ledochowski... and even some of my clients.

I have seen well over 3000 Australian clients.Although smoking cessation is my speciality, I have extensive experience working with anxiety, self-esteem, weight loss, stress management & other addictions.

All of which stems from a genuine desire to help & heal others.

Now, being based in New York City as a consulting hypnotist, I am still curious about people and observe their actions very closely. Then offer my appropriate guidance to resolve any life problems their facing.

My observations have enabled me to arrive to the conclusion that there are two types of people: those who wish to return to the way they were and those who wish to break their barriers and realize their potential.

Regardless of where they come from or the source of their motivation, the common denominator between all is that they come to me to help them make their dreams become a living reality.

A desire to live a better quality of life, setting a goal and achieving it. One that is rewarding and fulfilling in every sense of the word. From doing so, you will simply feel happier. Because success will become second nature since the ‘mental blocks’ have been removed.

Your relationships will become more loving because you’ll feel more worthwhile. Negative habits (mental or behavioral) will be broken because you’ll discover an untapped potential that was hidden inside you.

Developing a laser-like focus on immediate goals and clarity on life’s big decisions. Whilst simultaneously, attain a sense of inner peace. In other words, trusting your ability to succeed.

hypnosis session

What I Do In My Sessions

In order to achieve effective results, the following will occur: At the beginning of our one-on-one sessions together, I guide your mind so thoughts become quieter and diminish. This enables you to improve your concentration with a laser-like focus. Whilst simultaneously, relaxing the muscles in your body. Then, with the aid of a sound that has proven to be very useful to countless athletes and renowned astronauts in eliminating distractive thoughts, I tap into your inner mind using my hypnotic voice in planting suggestive seeds of success. From this approach, heathy resolutions you desire are easier to accomplish simply because the “mental blocks’ have have cleared. Therefore, your belief for positive change feel stronger and greater, giving a better chance for you to succeed. This is the secret to discovering inner peace in resolving a problem: Discovering the power in choice when a new perspective is introduced. One of which, your unconscious mind is ready to accept.

How I Do This

With the aid of this component, I will help you gain control and establish 3 tools that are available to you at all times: your thought processes, your emotions and the ongoing required actions in which these are manifested. In other words, your habits. These three factors are correlated: How you think will effect how you feel. How you feel is determined by your actions. By repeating your actions, these in turn become habits which will ultimately impact the quality of your life and thus your lifestyle. Although our behaviors are driven by our emotions, what motivates our actions are the goals we aim to achieve. With correct guidance, your goals can be realized through hypnosis and correct goal-setting procedures.

How I Can Help You

By following my recommendations, I will help you realize that you can accomplish your goals by recognizing the untapped potential that is truly within your capabilities. All you have to do, is recognize that changing the way you think and feel, will ultimately influence the behaviors in order to achieve the life success that you so richly deserve. 

P.S. My Australian hypnosis coaching practice is still operating successfully.                  You can visit the website HERE.